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Thunderbird Plastics Ltd. is committed to supplying quality, affordable and reusable materials handling solutions to our valued customers across North America. Since 1970 we have been continually striving to expand our product line, improve pricing and delivery times, and enhance our customer service with quality plastic container products. We offer innovative recycling programs that reward our customers with even greater savings.

Headquartered in Burnaby, BC, Canada, Thunderbird Plastics Ltd. has specialized in injection molding utilizing equipment from 300 to 1,500 tons for nearly four decades. Our manufacturing process involves existing designs, custom molding, and we have our own grinding facilities for recycling plastic.

In October 2004, Thunderbird Plastics opened an office in Portland, Oregon, USA, to better serve our U. S. customers. Servicing a list of satisfied customers from all over the world, Thunderbird Plastics has earned a well-respected reputation in the industry.


We recognize that our customers desire quality products at competitive prices. We use top quality resins consisting of high quality polyethylene in our production. It is our goal to procure the finest quality materials for the best price available. Expanding to meet the needs of the marketplace, Thunderbird Plastics manufactures a variety of products ranging from dairy stack cases, fruit and vegetable trays and lugs, seafood/shellfish boxes, and refuse/recycling containers.

Since we are a Canadian manufacturer, we are able to offer competitive prices and varied delivery schedules. At a time when environmental concerns are paramount, we also accommodate requests for post-consumer content in our manufacturing process while maintaining a top quality and durable finished product.

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6969 Shirley Avenue
Burnaby, BC, Canada V5J4R4
Tel: 604.433.5624
Toll-free: 888.778.2473
Fax: 604.433.6231

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8422 NE Holladay Street
Portland, OR
Tel: 1.800.297.5201

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1825 E Henry Street
Savannah, GA
Tel: 1.800.809.2035